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Since its founding in 1976, the US company Microbe-Lift has stood for uniquely high-quality, natural and environmentally friendly microbial products with applications ranging from agriculture to industry to wastewater management. Since 1998, Microbe-Lift's exceptional products have also been offered to private customers and have since ensured clear water and healthy plants in ponds and aquariums in countless households. Today, Microbe-Lift's products are among the most sought-after worldwide in the areas of water quality, water purification and pond care. Microbe-Lift PL is the number one product among water clarifiers.

At Microbe-Lift, protecting the environment and maintaining a healthy ecosystem are top priorities. The individual products are formulated accordingly so that you as a user can be sure that you are making a valuable contribution to protecting the environment. The bacteria used in the respective products are exclusively produced by Microbe-Lift itself and are therefore 100% safe and effective.

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