Anubias Anubias Barteri sp. 'Mini'

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The Anubias barteri sp. , Mini 'is only recently known in aquariums and is valued because of their small size, especially by aquascapers. It is also available under the names Petite or Bonsai. This Anubias is native to West and Central Africa. This only 3-4 cm high Aufsitzerpflanze is perfect for tying on roots or stones in the foreground or middle ground of nano-aquariums and tolerates soft to hard water. The prototype of this variant is the dwarf spear leaf Anubias barteri var. Nana from the tropical wetlands of Africa. Anubias barteri sp. 'Mini' is a variety that forms very small leaves just 1 cm in diameter. The firm dark green leaves of this slow-growing, robust and fairly undemanding aquarium plant are not liked by nibbling fish. This Anubias doesn't need much light.

Anubias barteri sp. 'Mini' grows as a water lily plant. Your rhizome (the green, thick rhizome) does not always crawl along the ground, but can sometimes go up. The rhizome is not planted in Anubias because it can rot in the bottom. This means that it is best to tie or glue the bonsai dwarf spider leaf to an aquarium root or a decorative stone. If you only cover the laterally growing roots with gravel or soil, you can also cultivate the Anubias on the ground, only the rhizome must definitely look out of the gravel or soil.

The 3 to 4 cm high and up to 8 cm wide aquarium plant looks in the foreground of small nano aquariums very perfect. The easy-care Anubias barteri sp. 'Mini' is not fussy about the water values and grows quite acceptable even under low light conditions. Due to its unpleasant taste, the Anubias is considered perch proof. It is an easy-care all-rounder in the aquarium! If fertilised, it will help your growth so that it can even start to bloom!

The adoration of the bonsai dwarf spear leaf is as easy as the care: just snip off a piece with two leaves and tie it up. Finished.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

With the Aquarebell Micro Basic Iron, you can let your bonsai dwarf leaf thrive!

Origin : Africa
Degree of Difficulty: Easy
Placement: Middle Ground
Brands (Manufacturers): Anubias
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