Anubias Echinodorus quadricostatus 'Magdalenensis'

Dwarf sword plant

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The relatively easy to care for dwarf sword plant Echinodorus quadricostatus 'Magdalenensis' from South America can also be found in stores as Helanthium bolivianum "Quadricostatus". It likes soft to hard water. The rosette plant, which grows to 5 to approx. 10cm, comes into its own in the foreground of the aquarium.

The dwarf sword plant Echinodorus quadricostatus 'Magdalenensis' has now been assigned to a new genus and is now called Helanthium bolivianum 'Quadricostatus'. At 5 to 10cm, it remains quite small and is therefore ideal as a foreground plant. The light green leaves literally glow in the aquarium.

Echinodorus quadricostatus 'Magdalenensis' reproduces via runners and therefore makes the foreground in the aquarium really dense over time. The runners can also be separated and replanted for targeted propagation.

Echinodorus quadricostatus 'Magdalenensis' is a root setter and needs a root fertiliser in the aquarium or substrate fertiliser. It grows well and the runners quickly provide very dense foliage. If the individual leaves take too much light from each other, they go up.

Echinodorus quadricostatus 'magdalenensis' tolerates soft to hard water, it does not necessarily need extra CO2 fertilisation, but it does grow better with an additional carbon supply. Medium-light is enough for it to grow well.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
The dwarf sword plant is quite easy to care for, but you have to take back its runners from time to time so that it does not spread uncontrollably in the foreground of your aquarium and so that the foliage does not become too dense.

Origin : America
Degree of Difficulty: Normal
Brands (Manufacturers): Anubias
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