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The young, innovative aquarium brand Aqua Rebell is very well known for its various high-quality aquarium fertilisers that make it easier for you to care for your aquatic plants. Here you will find fertiliser mixtures for your aquarium, with which you can cover the needs of your aquatic plants, as well as fertilisers made up of individual components, with which you can specifically cover your needs for nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium. Of course, you can also get all the accessories you need to dose the aquarium plant fertiliser comfortably and precisely. Perhaps not quite as well known, but just as cool as the aquarium fertilisers are the high-quality and stylish technical accessories for aquariums from Aqua Rebell. Here you will find various glass filter inlets and outlets, CO2 diffusers, skimmers and much more at reasonable prices in high quality and in a perfect design.

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