Aquael Advanced Soil Shrimp Powder 3L

Bottom Substrate for Shrimp

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This product from AQUAEL is a special bottom substrate for shrimp aquariums. In terms of appearance, the soil resembles black gravel, the average grain diameter is 2.5 mm. Natural, carefully selected components bring relevant water values to the optimal level for shrimps and support an intact ecosystem - an all-round feel-good package for your colourful favourites!

Correcting the water values - how does it work? The natural environment of shrimps shows a carbonate hardness of up to 3°d and a pH value in the range of 5.5 to 6.5. In this ideal habitat, they thrive healthily and show a willingness to reproduce. Advanced Soil Shrimp Powder contains natural humic acids that are released into the water*; they have a positive effect on the reproductive readiness of crustaceans. Plant growth is also stimulated. Healthy flora is important for shrimps; harbouring numerous useful filter bacteria. The soil also intensifies the biological filtration in the aquarium - ideal for the establishment of useful nitrifying bacteria. As it also absorbs toxic elements, it helps maintain a healthy ecosystem with an increase in water quality; the water also becomes visibly crystal clear.

*The soil releases the nutrients continuously, so it is effective for a long time and allows a sustainable application without constant changes or adjustments by means of additional nutrient applications.

A feeling of safety and well-being for shrimp - crustaceans like it dark - thanks to the black colouring of the Soil, shrimp feel safe; their natural shyness disappears, and they become more active! Owners can then admire the rich colours of their shells more often and observe their interesting behaviour. Plus the dark soil colour contrasts with the colourfulness of the animals and makes them stand out even more.

Note: Conditions described refer to the most common dwarf shrimp of the species Caridina cf. cantonensis, including demanding highly cultured species of the "Taiwan" class - for example Panda, King Kong, Red Wine - and many other freshwater shrimp of the genera Caridina and Neocaridina.

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