Aquarium Münster ORCA Construct

For attaching underwater

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ORCA Construct is a two-part adhesive based on epoxy resin with ceramic fillers. It sticks to glass, ceramics, stone, concrete, metal, wood, plastics and many other materials. The material becomes extremely hard and can be easily processed mechanically after hardening (such as grinding, drilling, filing or milling).

For fixing corals, aquarium decorations and rock structures in aquariums, suitable for fresh and seawater.

Also ideal for repairing and sealing cracks, holes, leaks in pipes, sanitary facilities, swimming pools, petrol and water tanks, heating systems, electrical switchgear, etc.

The glue is chemically resistant to freshwater, seawater, alcohol, esters, oils and most acids and alkalis.

Brands (Manufacturers): Aquarium Münster

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