Dennerle Compact 130 Osmosis System

For clean aquariums

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The Dennerle Osmose Compact 130 is a complete system for the production of soft, high-purity water.

With the Dennerle Osmose Compact 130, you can easily produce your own osmosis water in no time! The complete system is ready for connection immediately, with the ¾" water tap connection you can start immediately. The maximum output (nominal output) is 130 litres per day at 25 ° C and 4.1 bar pressure. The performance under practical conditions is 55-126 litres per day at 8-18 ° C and 3-5 bar pressure. The retention rate is at least 95%. The ratio of osmosis water is: residual water approx. 1: 2.5 to 1: 4 (depending on tap water temperature and pressure). The system has a modern polyamide/polysulfone membrane, activated carbon filters protect against chlorine, the fine filter protects against any suspended matter.

Easy handling
Connect the hose to the tap and then slowly turn on the tap. The white hose provides soft, high-purity osmosis water. The hardened, contaminated residual water from the blue hose is led into the drain.

Tap water can be treated for various reasons. It can be too hard or too soft, or it can contain too many pollutants. If the water is too soft, the process is simple: With the hardening preparations shown here, the desired water values can be reached easily. If the water is too hard, the method of choice is a reverse osmosis system or osmosis system for short.

The term osmosis describes the endeavour of liquids to balance their concentrations by diffusion. If two different concentrated liquids are separated by a membrane that only allows water molecules to pass through (semi-permeable), the water flows from the low-concentrated side to the concentrated width. This process is reversed with tap water pressure, which is why it is called reverse osmosis. The word osmosis is then used colloquially.

Here's how it works:
Due to the tap water pressure, the water molecules are pressed through a plastic membrane. The residual water then contains the entire ingredients such as hardness, pollutants and other molecules. The escaping osmosis water must either be blended with tap water or made suitable for aquaristics with hardening salts.

Tip: You can still use the remaining water for watering or watering flowers!

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
With the Osmose Compact 130, you can wonderfully prepare your aquarium water for your shrimp or your saltwater aquarium!

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