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The Mg Power fertiliser from Greenscaping is a particularly highly concentrated and effective magnesium fertiliser. If necessary, this fertiliser can be supplemented with the macronutrient fertilisers and the micronutrient fertiliser from Greenscaping. This fertiliser can be dosed both daily and weekly.

More vigour for your plants

  • For demanding aquascapes and all planted aquariums
  • For deep green leaves
  • Dosed extra high
  • Simple application
  • Extremely high dispersion
  • Effective immediately
  • Shrimp-safe

In heavily planted and well-lit aquariums, the macronutrients are often not sufficient. Mg Power ensures that magnesium is always available in sufficient quantities in your aquarium. As a result, your plants grow healthy and vigorous again.

The dosage of this fertiliser should be individually adjusted to your aquarium. The information on this fertiliser is a recommendation, should the magnesium value increase too high with this fertiliser, you should lower the dosage if necessary. We advise you to change the water from 25-70% of the total amount of water every week and to check the water values regularly.

Compared to many competing products, this fertiliser is dosed extra high to guarantee a fair price-performance ratio. We use high-quality nutrients and complexes to ensure the best possible plant growth. We do not add any colours or fragrances. When used correctly, this fertiliser is shrimp and fish safe.

Mg fertilizer solution 2 for ornamental plants in the aquarium

  • 2.0% MgO water-soluble magnesium oxide

Conditioning agent:
Methyl paraben

Storage instructions:
Store at room temperature. Protect from heat and frost. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Instructions for use:
Only for fertilising aquarium plants in aquariums. For detailed application description and dosage see package text.

Brands (Manufacturers): Greenscaping

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