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The JBL Aquadur is a hardening saltwater conditioner for setting ideal water values in the freshwater aquarium.

Nature at home - home to fish and plants
Fish and invertebrates should feel just as comfortable in the aquarium as in the great outdoors. Aquarium water suitable for biotopes protects the aquarium inhabitants. The minerals of the carbonate hardness stabilise the pH value of the aquarium water and thus prevent an acid spike and excessive pH fluctuations. The carbonate hardness should be at least 4-5 ° dKH. If the values are too low, JBL Aquadur should be added. When using osmosis or rainwater, JBL Aquadur is suitable for adding minerals.

JBL Aquadur is a mixture of minerals that contains both carbonate hardness and total hardness formers. The composition is based on the ion distribution of many tropical waters. JBL Aquadru is ideally suited for safely increasing carbonate and total hardness in all soft waters. This increases the buffer capacity, which stabilises the pH and prevents a dangerous drop in pH. Other trace elements, which are essential for the microorganisms important in the aquarium, make soft water, which has been treated with JBL Aquadur, the ideal starting water for keeping and breeding all freshwater fish.

Advantages of the JBL water purifier
The addition of important mineral salts leads to a rapid increase in carbonate hardness and stabilisation of the pH value. Fish are protected from a mineral deficiency and filter bacteria can work optimally. Constant water values prevent acid spikes.

With JBL Aquadur, any soft water can be adjusted to any degree of hardness by simply stirring in the powder, depending on the needs of the fish to be treated. JBL Aquadur is equally suitable for reverse osmosis water, tap water softened by ion exchange and rainwater. JBL Aquadur is particularly suitable for hardening when, due to the pollutant content in the source water, treatment has to be carried out via reverse osmosis or ion exchange. In addition, water treated with JBL Aquadur has an ion distribution that is more advantageous for most tropical fish than normal tap water.

A measuring spoon (coated approx. 18.75 g) raises 100 l of water by 2.5 ° d KH and 3.2 ° d GH. The conductance is increased by 210 microsiemens. Detailed instructions with a calculation table are included with the product.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
JBL Aquadur stabilises the water values in softened initial water.

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