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Features & Advantages

  • Biological filter material
  • Water stabilising effect
  • For nitrate removal

Item no.: JBL-6253600, Content: 100 Pcs, EAN: 4014162625366


The JBL BioNitratEx is a filter medium for use in external filters in freshwater aquariums and serves to remove nitrate (NO3) which leads to the formation of algae.

Nice aquariums without annoying algae
The decomposition or mineralisation process of all organic matter in the aquarium (food and plant residues, fish excretions) takes place via the stages protein-ammonium-nitrite-nitrate. With a well-functioning biological filter system, ammonium and nitrite should not be detectable, only the nitrate content slowly increases. Nitrate is the final stage of mineralisation in the aquarium and is non-toxic to fish in relatively high concentrations. On the one hand, plants can utilise nitrate as a nutrient, but if there is an oversupply, it has a negative impact on plant growth and can have a negative impact on the well-being of sensitive fish. Values above 50 mg / l can also promote undesirable algae growth. Therefore, one should strive to maintain values below 50 mg / l. This can be easily checked with the JBL Nitrate Test Set NO3.

Simple application
Nitrates and phosphates are the main algae nutrients. If one or both nutrients are removed from the water, algae can no longer grow.

Bacteria only break down nitrate under certain conditions; Only when there is no more oxygen and at the same time a carbon source (food for the bacteria) is available, do the bacteria extract the oxygen from the nitrate and break it down.

At JBL BioNitratEx, bacteria settle on the surface of the balls within 4 weeks and form a thick biofilm. A low-oxygen zone is created below the biofilm, in which the bacteria then switch to “nitrate breathing” and break down the algal-promoting nitrate (NO3). The bio balls serve as a feed around nitrate as an oxygen supplier for the bacteria. Therefore, the organic balls become smaller over time (easy to control visually) and disappear entirely. This takes about 6-12 months, depending on the nitrate load. Then fresh organic balls should be refilled.

When many snails get on the JBL BioNitratEx balls, they eat the biofilms on their surfaces. As a result, oxygen gets back to the bottom bacterial layers, which then no longer have to remove the oxygen from the nitrate and thus break it down. In the case of many snails, it may make sense to pack the JBL BioNitratEx ball into a fine pouch that blocks access for snails.

Difference to JBL NitratEx:
JBL BioNitratEx works in a purely biological way through bacterial nitrate breakdown. JBL NitratEx, on the other hand, is made of synthetic resin that binds nitrate from the water (only fresh water!) And exchanges it for harmless chloride. (Ion-exchange function). The advantage of this system is that it can also be used quickly, e.g. To make tap or well water free of nitrates.

We recommend not to lower the nitrate content significantly below 10 mg / l, otherwise, there is a risk that toxic hydrogen sulfide will form in the aquarium.

JBL Nitrate Ex cannot be used directly in saltwater aquariums. Any nitrate values present in tap water can be removed with JBL Nitrat Ex before changing the water.

Contents of delivery: 100 balls

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
JBL BioNitratEx ensures a permanent reduction in nitrate and prevents unwanted algae formation!

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