JBL ProFlora CO2 System + Storage Bottle

For plant growth

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The JBL ProFlora CO2 fertiliser system complete set with a disposable bottle for strong and beautiful aquarium plants in freshwater aquariums.

CO2 is the main food that all aquarium plants need in order to grow healthy and vigorously. Healthy plants can be equated with reduced algae production since the food is deprived of them due to the improved growth of the plants. They supply the fish and other living things in the aquarium with vital oxygen. Healthy plants prevent algae growth, provide oxygen, remove pollutants, offer hiding places and reduce pathogens. To develop the plant, the following needs should be met: Light as an energy source for photosynthesis CO2, nutrients and trace elements as growth promoters. JBL plant fertilisers supply the plants with all the main nutrients and essential trace elements via the water. This gives the plants all the nutrients they need to be absorbed through the leaves and roots.

However, CO2 offers even more advantages for the aquarium: Most of the well-kept fish come from slightly acidic waters and are sensitive to fluctuating water values. CO2 is able to slightly acidify the aquarium water and stabilise water values. The pH value in the aquarium, which is usually too high anyway, is at a level appropriate for plants and fish and supplies the plants with their main nutrient.

The JBL ProFlora system is completely ready for connection. The pressure reducer is screwed onto the CO2 storage bottle and connected to the diffuser in the aquarium using the supplied CO2 hose. This is how the CO2 gets into the aquarium and is dissolved in the water using the diffuser. The CO2 supply can be interrupted at night by an interposed solenoid valve (sold separately).

With the JBL ProFlora system, professional plant care is now possible thanks to precise metering by the pressure reducer. The effective distribution of the ceramic diffuser ensures an even flow. The bubble counter with backflow protection and CO2 / pH test ensure constant control. In addition, this system can optionally be converted to reusable bottles by screwing on an adapter (JBL Adapt um is available separately).

The disposable storage bottle is TÜV-tested and has an overpressure safety device. Hose fittings prevent the hose from slipping. The check valve actively prevents water from entering the CO2 bottle. The range of a CO2 system depends on various factors. Decisive is the carbonate hardness, the amount and type of plants, as well as the strength of the water surface movement. A 500g bottle that is not switched off by a solenoid valve at night lasts about 4 months during basic adjustment.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
The JBL ProFlora u504 enables stable water values, happy fish and splendid plant growth!

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