JBL ProHaru Universal Adhesive

Glue for wide variety of applications

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The JBL ProHaru Universal 80 ml is a universal adhesive in a resealable tube and can be used for aquariums, terrariums and ponds.

Aquarium, terrarium and pond enthusiasts need glue for a wide variety of applications, which is especially non-toxic to animals and plants. If you want to glue decorative materials together, you have to make sure that the existing biofilm on the materials has been virtually removed, since biofilms (slippery surface due to bacteria) prevent permanent glueing. Dry, previously unused materials have no problematic biofilms. The surfaces to be glued must be clean, free of dust and grease, free of deposits such as biofilm, algae, etc. when used underwater. For large-area bonding, apply the adhesive in several parallel strips. When used underwater, the adhesion achieved can be less than on dry substrates.

Fix coral deposits
In reef aquariums, there are usually no areas that are free of vegetation (calcareous algae, etc.). For this reason, coral deposits are advantageously fixed in the following way: Look for a suitable recess in the reef structure into which the foot of the branch to be fixed fits with a little "air". Fill the JBL ProHaru universal into the recess and push the cantilever in such a way that JBL ProHaru universal comes out of the recess all around. Smooth out the leaked adhesive around the offshoot or remove excess adhesive.

Fixing mosses and plants
When creating so-called aquascapes, it is very popular to fix mosses and plants on roots or stones in order to achieve the planned breathtaking landscape impressions. As a rule, such scapes are first set up dry. JBL ProHaru universal is ideal for this. The intended area (root, stone) is provided with one or more strips of JBL ProHaru universal and press the mosses or plants into the adhesive bed. Then keep the plant moist until the aquarium fills up.

Sealing leaks at the aquarium: Please note that an aquarium that has become leaky poses a safety risk even after the leak has been sealed, since the entire bond may no longer be secure. Therefore sealing the leak with JBL ProHaru universal should only be understood as an emergency measure to prevent major water damage for a short time!

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
The ProHaru universal adhesive quickly repairs and fixes minor problems!

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