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The JBL Solar Marin Day T5 Ultra is a full-spectrum daylight fluorescent tube designed to promote the optimal growth of coral and other invertebrates in the marine aquarium.

Easy installation
The fluorescent tube with T5 socket is inserted into the socket and turned until the tube engages.

The nature as a model: In the spectral distribution of light, the tube with 15000 Kelvin corresponds to the needs of invertebrates and corals, which promotes their growth. The cool white light offers very good colour rendering properties and high light output.

Technical details

  • Ideal colour temperature for invertebrates in seawater: 15000 Kelvin is very bright, cool white light
  • Energy-saving and productive: energy efficiency class B
  • Scientifically tested by the IFM Geomar: Continuous light spectrum of the JBL full-spectrum fluorescent tubes - comparable to natural sunlight
  • The colour reproduction and spectrum is guaranteed for 24 months.
  • Incl. Commemorative plaque to exchange.

Light as an energy source
Most of the corals cultivated in the aquarium need sufficient light. They often feed on the metabolic products of the algae that live in their tissues. Corals, which do not feed photosynthetically, prefer darker locations and must be fed with Phyto and zooplankton (eg. JBL KorallFluid or JBL PlanktonPur). To ensure optimal growth, it is important to know and reflect the light needs of each coral in the seawater pool. JBL full-spectrum fluorescent tubes create natural light conditions and achieve balanced natural lighting. Tested by the IFM-Geomar-Leibnitz-Institut für Meereswissenschaften and found to be very good: "comparable to sunlight". With energy efficiency class B, the tube is particularly energy-efficient.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
The JBL Solar Full Spectrum Fluorescent Tubes create natural light conditions for sensitive aquarium dwellers!

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