Olibetta Catfish Grotto Semicircular - One Side Closed

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With the semicircular structure and closed at the back, the natural catfish grotto offers your catfish, crayfish and cave brooding cichlids, gobies and so on a really great-looking hiding place. The grotto has a height of 18-25 cm and a length of 12-16 cm. The closed tunnel at the back measures 4 cm in diameter - ideal for example for Bushymouth catfish and other aquarium catfishes of similar size, but also nice for cave breeders like smaller cichlids from South America or for gobies. Also smaller crayfish and dwarf crabs are well suited to the natural wood cave.

The closed-end cave is a good spawning place for your cave breeders in the aquarium. Egg thieves can not creep secretly to grab a clutch of eggs - so a lot of stress is taken off your brooding fish.

The catfish grotto made of natural wood looks like a half-fallen tree trunk fallen into the water - a really atmospheric aquarium decoration with practical benefits. Please provide your cave dwellers with more hiding places than they would need - one cave each and then another two extra caves. That gives them a bit of choice when looking for a place to live.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

You can give even more details to the catfish grotto through a moss patch or through a planted fern. Especially in plant aquariums or in the breeding aquarium that works very well. I recommend the quick glue gel ProHaru Rapid from JBL, but with nylon thread, it's almost as good.

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