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sera mycopur is a medication for freshwater ornamental fish and is effective against all types of fungus.

sera mycopur is a medicinal product for aquarium fish. It effectively eliminates fungal infections (so-called mycoses) in fish in a freshwater aquarium.

Amongst the ornamental fish, injuries can sometimes result from territorial fights, which the aquarium owner should exercise with caution. In this case, certain maintenance measures such as the use of sera blackwater aquatan are suitable. Treatment with sera mycopur is nevertheless recommended if fungal infections appear.

In addition, the supportive care product sera ectopur can be used to use the medication. It should be noted that too low temperatures in the aquarium water can promote the growth of fungi. The drug sera mycopur is also very effective against spawning. Furthermore, it is recommended to use it for external injuries and worms affecting the skin, gills or scales.


invertebrates such as snails, crabs and shrimp cannot tolerate this remedy!

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

sera mycopur works very well against fungal infections in aquarium fish.

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