Tropic Marin PLUS-NP

Nutrient supply for corals

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Tropic Marin Plus-NP is a liquid containing highly concentrated phosphates and nitrogen compounds which corals and their zooxanthellae need for metabolism and are absorbed much more easily than inorganic nutrient salts. Plus-NP supplies soft corals, LPS and SPS in nutrient-poor reef aquariums with important nutrients and prevents nutrient deficiencies.

Contents: phosphates, organic and inorganic nitrogen compounds, organic carbon source.


Twist the pump head to the left until it pops out. One pump = 1ml.


Add 1 ml Tropic Marin Plus-NP per 100 L of aquarium water daily.

► IMPORTANT: Do not exceed the maximum dosage of 1 ml Tropic Marin Plus-NP per 100 L aquarium water!

Brands (Manufacturers): Tropic Marin

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