Anubias Pogostemon Stellatus (Eusteralis)

Star plant

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Pogostemon stellatus from Oceania is a bit more demanding, but its great appearance makes up for it. It is also commercially available as Stern Rotala or as Eusteralis stellata. The stem plant, which grows to a height of 15 to approx. 25 cm, is perfect for the middle ground to the background of the aquarium and tolerates soft to medium-hard water.

The attractive star plant Pogostemon stellatus from Australia and Papua New Guinea has star-shaped leaves that sit on upright stems. They are green to reddish, especially the shoots are often beautifully contrasted. The stem plant, which remains relatively low, looks really beautiful, especially in the middle ground to the background.

The star plant definitely needs additional fertilisation with CO2, and it requires a lot of light. The nutrient supply should also be sufficient so that the star plant can grow well. The star plant tolerates regular pruning very well and then becomes bushy and sprouts well again.

This attractive aquarium plant is propagated by cuttings. They are obtained when the shoot tips are cut back. You simply put the shoots in the gravel or soil, where they drive out roots and soon start to grow again.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

The fast-growing star plant is a great aquarium plant that looks very professional, especially in a larger group planting. These groups look really nice if you cut them gradually from front to back.

Origin : Australia and Papua New Guinea
Degree of Difficulty: Advanced
Brands (Manufacturers): Anubias
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