Anubias Taxiphyllum Barbieri CUP

Java moss

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The very easy to maintain water moss Taxiphyllum barbieri comes from Asia. Java moss is only 2 to approx. 5 cm high and is perfect on roots and stones in the foreground and middle ground and tolerates soft to hard water.

The Java moss Taxiphyllum barbieri from Asia has medium green and quite fine shoots. It is a slowly growing aquarium moss that forms beautiful cushions on roots or stones over time. The more you cut it back, the denser and shorter the shoots grow.

You can also use Java moss as a ground cover in the foreground. If you don't want to just put the moss in the foreground because it would otherwise fly loose in the aquarium, it's best to tie it up on flat stones. Before tying up, you should cut the moss threads into pieces approx. 1-2 cm long. So they branch right from the start and look beautifully fresh green.

The very natural and original looking Java moss grows on root wood or aquarium rocks over time. The aquarium moss looks particularly beautiful on a small aquarium tree, where you can use it to green the tree top.

Taxiphyllum barbieri is robust and very easy to care for. You can keep it in soft to hard water, with or without CO2, and even under weak light the cushions grow nicely dense, although the moss has no problem even with more light.

Java moss is super easy to propagate, you just pull apart small pieces and plant.

Here you buy Java moss that was grown in the sterile cup in the laboratory. There are no snails or other pests on board, and there are no bacteria, fungi or algae spores. The moss is untreated and can therefore also be used directly in aquariums with sensitive residents such as shrimps.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

Tying on Java moss is quite a job. It is more clever with the aquarium-compatible quick adhesive Gel ProHaru Rapid from JBL, with this special adhesive for aquarium plants you can simply stick on the moss after you cut it open.

Origin : Asia
Degree of Difficulty: Normal
Placement: Foreground
Brands (Manufacturers): Anubias
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