Aquatlantis EasyLED Universal 2.0 Marine Blue

LED lighting

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The Aquatlantis EasyLED Universal 2.0 marine blue LED lighting is equipped with advanced technology that has very low power consumption, more safety and a longer service life. The colour combination of these lamps is best suited for good development of freshwater and saltwater types. The wide beam with high power gives the emitted light excellent quality.

The innovative EASY LED UNIVERSAL 2.0 is a high-quality lighting system with 2 independent channels. This new version maintains the four types of lighting: freshwater, marine & reef, marine blue (with intense blue light) and deep blue (with 100% blue light). The universal system fits all aquarium brands and consists of a grey, corrosion-resistant aluminium housing with cooling fins for better heat dissipation. This technology ensures low energy consumption, more safety and durability. These new EASY LED UNIVERSAL 2.0 lighting units in combination with the LUMINUS Smart LED Controller enable the creation of the different day phases.

Lamps to replace the T5 and T8 systems. Simply take the T5 or T8 lights out of the sockets and attach the LED lamps.

Technical data 438 mm:

  • Consumption: 20 watts
  • For aquariums from 45-70 cm
  • 1154 lumens

Technical data 590 mm:

  • Consumption: 28 watts
  • For aquariums from 60-85 cm
  • 1616 lumens

Technical data 742 mm:

  • Consumption: 36 watts
  • For aquariums from 75-100 cm
  • 2077 lumens

Technical data 895 mm:

  • Consumption: 44 watts
  • For aquariums from 90-115 cm
  • 2536 lumens

Technical data 1047 mm:

  • Consumption: 52 watts
  • For aquariums from 105-130 cm
  • 3000 lumens

Technical data 1200 mm:

  • Consumption: 62 watts
  • For aquariums from 120-145 cm
  • 3577 lumens

Technical data 1450 mm:

  • Consumption: 72 watts
  • For aquariums from 145-170 cm
  • 4154 lumens

Brands (Manufacturers): Aquatlantis
By type: LED Light Rail

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