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The S7 Vitamix is a highly concentrated multi-vital concentrate for aquatic plants in all freshwater aquariums and in various containers.

With S7 Vitamix you supply your aquarium with vital trace elements and vital substances. You quickly add used nutrients and building materials and heal deficiency symptoms. Vitamins, plant enzymes and other organic active ingredients are constantly re-formed in nature under the influence of natural sunlight. These vital substances not only promote the health and colour of the fish, but also the growth of the aquarium plants. Natural sources of vitamins are scarce in the aquarium. In addition, most vitamins are not stable for long or are quickly consumed. It is all the more important to regularly supplement these vital substances. The multi-vital substance concentrate S7 Vitamix also supplies the plants with all the necessary vitamins, trace elements and other vital substances required at short notice. But also the aquarium fish and especially the filter organisms need numerous minerals, trace elements and other vital substances. These micro-nutrients are usually almost non-existent in tap water and you should, therefore, take them to the aquarium regularly.

S7 Vitamix supplies boron, iron and manganese, which promote healthy and balanced growth and produce lush green leaves and intensely bright colours. S7 Vitamix works optimally in the Denner fertiliser system (V30, E15, S7) and ensures magnificent plants with colourful leaves.

Like all Dennerle fertilisers, the S7 is also very well stabilised, which means a permanently stable effect. Other fertilisers precipitate the active ingredients after a short time, which can be recognised by a brown-black discolouration and lose their effectiveness. Algae are actively displaced by regular fertilisation and have no chance. After just a few weeks you can see visible success if your plants have grown vigorously and developed intense colours. S7 can also be used in combination with carbon dioxide fertilisation and is absolutely compatible with all aquarium inhabitants such as fish, snails, shrimps and crabs, if it is dosed and used properly.

Dispense 2 pump strokes S7 Vitamix into 100 litres of aquarium water once a week.

When using the Perfect plan fertiliser system, the doser or in combination with Carbo Elixier Bio, the dosage changes!

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
With the S7 Vitamix you complement your fertilisation plan perfectly and even supply your important filter bacteria and even the fish!

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