Dupla Gan Water Purifier

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Dupla Gan is a liquid water conditioner for binding chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals and for use in freshwater aquariums.

The tap water, as it comes from the tap, is often not suitable to be used as aquarium water. Lead and copper pipes often contaminate it with heavy metal residues, but chlorine and other additives are also often added to it as disinfectants. Dupla Gan quickly and effectively removes heavy metal residues such as zinc, lead, copper and others and also binds chlorine and chloramines, which damage the gills of your valuable fish even in low concentrations. The water is prepared for use in aquariums and should be used for every partial water change before each new installation.
Dupla Gan is economical to use: 200ml condition 400 litres of aquarium water. The water purifier does not affect the Dupla fertilisation system.

Add Dupla Gan to the aquarium water according to the enclosed instructions for use, the practical dosing cap allows an exact measurement.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

With Dupla Gan, you can prepare your aquarium water quickly and safely and remove toxic chlorine and heavy metals that could lead to irreparable damage.

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