JBL Biotopol R 100ml

Water Treatment

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Especially for goldfish
  • Makes tap water suitable for fish
  • Neutralises pollutants
  • With aloe vera

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JBL Biotopol

100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 625 ml, 5 l


JBL Biotopol R is a water conditioner specially developed for goldfish, veil tails and goldfish offspring. These should feel as comfortable in the aquarium as in nature.

JBL Biotopol R processes the aquarium water in a biotope-appropriate manner and thus protects the aquarium inhabitants. Clean aquarium water means optimal water quality. The aquarium water should be reprocessed when setting up new water, changing part of the water and after using medication or medication.

Tap water is also aggressive and contains heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead. To make this water suitable for fish, it must not be present, as well as chlorine or chloramine. Special water purifiers neutralise these substances and treat the aquarium water accordingly. JBL Biotopol R protects the mucous membranes, gills, skin and fins thanks to aloe vera.

Aloe vera continues to protect and strengthen the fish from stress, as is the case when moving or changing water. A vitamin B complex also reduces the risk of getting sick and strengthens the immune system. Euphrasia eyebright herb protects especially the very sensitive eyes of goldfish and veil tails.

Chelators include the heavy metals; these aggressive substances are automatically removed during the next partial water change. JBL Biotopol R converts chlorine into harmless chloride and neutralises dangerous chloramine. Hazardous pollutants are neutralized and natural substances are added. Water purifiers should always be used one hour before using bacterial starters. Thanks to the measuring cup scale, which is located on the inside of the lid, correct dosing is child's play.

Give 10ml per 20 litres of aquarium water, adjusted accordingly for higher volumes. When changing water, JBL Biotopol R is added to the aquarium after the water has been drawn, and the changed water is then added.

Contents of delivery: 1 water conditioner for aquariums

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
Aquarium water suitable for biotopes is possible - thanks to JBL Biotopol R! Aggressive tap water and related problems are now a thing of the past!

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