JBL Ektol Fluid Plus 125

Remedy for infections

  • Remedies for foot and mouth rot and other bacterial infections
  • Against bacterial attack in freshwater fish
  • Problematic water values favour bacterial diseases
  • JBL online hospital: access to the detection of fish diseases
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Content: 100 ml

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Item no.: JBL-1007800, Content: 100 ml

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  • Remedies for foot and mouth rot and other bacterial infections
  • Against bacterial attack in freshwater fish
  • Problematic water values favour bacterial diseases
  • JBL online hospital: access to the detection of fish diseases

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The JBL Ektol Fluid Plus 125 is a remedy for foot and fin rot, as well as other bacterial infections in freshwater fish.

About 90% of all fish diseases are due to a weakening of the fish's immune system. Stress in any form enormously promotes immune deficiency. The use of remedies can thus combat the pathogen but usually cannot remedy the cause. It is therefore very important to identify all of the causes that lead to and eliminate the disease. If there are first signs of illness, immediate action is a MUST! In most cases, the situation is aggravated by waiting too long or not being diagnosed in time. These two diseases can be recognised by the fraying, rotting and later the complete loss of the body part due to this disease, which is difficult to look at. By adding JBL Ektol fluid Plus, the disease can be stopped quickly and the fish is able to fully regenerate the affected parts of the body. To build up sufficient energy reserves, it is recommended to fortify the fish feed twice a week with a vitamin preparation.

The cause of foot and fin rot is due to poor water quality, even if the pathogen itself is bacterial. The causing bacteria from the Aeromonas and Pseudomonas group multiply very quickly in the aquarium if the water quality is not right. In order to fight the disease permanently, not only the right medicine is necessary, but also an improvement in the water values. The most important measure is regular water change. The use of a UV-C clarifier also helps to reduce the bacterial density in the aquarium and improve the living conditions of the fish. The most important water values that must be checked and optimised, if applicable, are carbonate hardness (KH), pH (pH value), ammonium (NH4) / ammonia (NH3) and nitrite (NO2). In addition, regular and thorough cleaning of the filter is recommended. JBL Ektol Fluid Plus is a medicinal product for aquarium fish to combat fin rot and other external bacterial infections caused by bacteria of the genera Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Columnaris and others. "Fallen off" fins (ulcers), ulcers and so-called mouth mould are common symptoms of such infections. But even in cases when the beginning illness is indicated through their behaviour (fin clamps, chafing on objects and on the substrate), but an exact diagnosis cannot yet be made, JBL Ektol Fluid Plus helps.

Before and during use, activated charcoal must be removed from the filter, UV-C water clarifier, CO2 fertilisation, and additional skimmers and ozonizers in saltwater must be switched off. A 50% water change must be carried out before use. During treatment, the aquarium is to be aerated with a vent stone using a diaphragm pump. JBL JBL Ektol Fluid Plus should always be added in the morning while observing the animals.

10ml / 25 l water.

A detailed treatment plan is included with the product. Improvement or even disappearance of the clinical picture can usually already be determined with a single application. If necessary, you can add more.

At the end of the treatment, a water change of at least 70% must be carried out. In very soft freshwater with a carbonate hardness below 8 ° dKH, only 50% of the stated dose should be used, with a KH above 15 ° dKH the dose can be increased to 125%.

The fish should not be fed for 3 days after the start of treatment. Reduced feeding can be started on the 4th day. Biologically active filters that have been in place for some time can partially inactivate the drug. Since JBL Ektol Fluid Plus massively damages the filter bacteria, a very thorough filter cleaning is recommended after the treatment, but even better a replacement of the complete filter media and the use of bacterial preparations is recommended. After treatment, the aquarium water should be filtered over activated carbon for 24 hours to remove drug residues. The ammonium / ammonia and nitrite values should be measured daily during and after treatment. The active ingredient causes water colouring, which disappears after a short time.

Invertebrates may experience intolerance. They should, therefore, be excluded from treatment for safety reasons. Scale-less fish such as catfish and loaches, as well as very weakened animals, can be sensitive to the drug. The dose should be started in half and then increased carefully.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
When the first signs of fin and mouth rot appear, immediate action is required to avoid unnecessarily burdening the fish! JBL Ektol Fluid Plus helps to remove unwanted parasites and contributes significantly to the recovery of sensitive animals!

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