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The JBL LED Solar Effect is a special effect lamp to complement the JBL LED Solar Nature to create colour effects and ideal as a replacement for a second coloured lamp (T5 or T8).

How about lighting effects?
If you want to add special and even more dramatic lighting effects such as coloured light, red sunset and sunset, blue deep water or thunderstorm ADDITIONALLY to their existing light, you will need a second fixture, called JBL Solar Effect. You can connect this LED light to your main light (JBL LED SOLAR Natur) with the included cable divider. With the remote control included in the JBL LED SOLAR Natur you can now control the individual colour channels (red / green / blue). To control the effects (biotopes, thunderstorms, clouds, rain, etc.), you need a special controller (JBL LED SOLAR Control Wi-Fi), which you can then precisely and easily control via your mobile phone.

Contents of delivery:

  • Contains a waterproof (IP67) lampin the desired length
  • 2.5m cable to the light
  • Cable crossover
  • Mounting bracket for assembly
  • End caps for mounting in tube sockets (T5 and T8).

These lamps do not require their own power supply and infrared receiver, as you can connect these luminaires to your JBL SOLAR Natur simply by using the supplied cable divider. The JBL LED SOLAR Effect has so-called RGB LEDs, with which you can produce almost any desired colour. Now you can also use the buttons on the remote control of the JBL LED SOLAR Natur for the 3 individual colour channels and control the LEDs of the effect light to your liking. If you already operate the JBL LED SOLAR Natur with an LED SOLAR Control Wi-Wi (not included in the delivery), you will get even more lifelike effects by switching on the JBL LED Solar Effect: Sunrises and sunsets will be illuminated with the correct red colour. Sound underlays, thunderstorms are more colourful and the biotope data can be adjusted even more precisely.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
With the Solar Effect, JBL has created an effect lamp that covers a biotope-accurate light spectrum and also provides dramatic lighting effects and weather simulations.

Brands (Manufacturers): JBL
By type: LED Light Rail

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