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The JBL LED Solar Nature is a high performance LED luminaire for use in freshwater aquariums.

The special feature of the new JBL LED SOLAR lights:

  • The JBL LED Solar Lamps are available as a replacement for ALL fluorescent tube lengths
  • The basic equipment JBL SOLAR Natur contains, besides the lamp, a remote control for easy and professional control
  • The JBL LED lamps contain full-spectrum and are plant-optimised by high PAR values (photosynthetically active radiation). This is a merit of JBL research!
  • Practical brackets allow installation in existing T5 and T8 tube brackets, stainless steel slip-on brackets are of course also included.
  • Expandable by light computer, which is controllable by the mobile phone. Then light values of different biotopes including rainy season, clouds and thunderstorms are possible
  • A special program for habituation of plants to the strong LED lighting

Maximum light output for beautiful aquarium plants: extremely high photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) of more than 200 μM / s / m2

  • Plug & Play: Clip in or set up the luminaire in the tube holder, connect the cables, switch on or dim by remote control and select one of 3 light colours.
  • Uniformly distributed warm and cold LEDs for a biotope-compatible light climate, 2 channels with 3 pre-set light colours: 2700 K (warm white), 4000 K (daylight white), 6700 K (cool white)
  • Extendable by WiFi control via smartphone with pre-set biotope-specific or individual lighting controls and the JBL LED Solar Effect RGB light for special colour effects
  • Incl. Waterproof (IP67), remote control, a driver (receiver), power supply, connection cable, ride-on mounting brackets and end caps for tube mount (T5 and T8) mounting. Warranty: 2 (+2 years when registering the product)

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
With Solar Nature, JBL has created a plant optimised full spectrum LED!

Brands (Manufacturers): JBL
By type: LED Light Rail

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