JBL NanoBel 60ml

Staple food for small ornamental fish

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JBL NanoBel is a staple food that offers mini flakes for small ornamental fish in the aquarium. Due to the particularly small flake sizes, this feed particularly appeals to small types of fish with a size of one to four centimetres. NanoBel is suitable as feed for all water zones. Thanks to its good digestibility, this mini flake food ensures fewer fish excretions and has a balanced proportion of phosphate. As a result, the water pollution in the aquarium is reduced and algae growth is prevented.

With more than 50 raw materials in seven different flakes, this fish food provides a wholesome diet and ensures vital growth in aquarium fish. Inferior cheap fish meal is avoided. Instead, JBL uses high-quality fish meat from fillet production for human consumption. NanoBel thus contains pure fish protein and offers an optimised ratio of proteins to fat.

Feeding recommendation:
Feed with NanoBel once or twice a day so that the food is eaten by the animals within a few minutes. In rearing and young animals, the feed frequency can be increased to three to four times a day. A practical measuring spoon is included with the product.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
JBL NanoBel is very suitable for small nano fish.

Brands (Manufacturers): JBL
Types of Fish : Characiformes

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