JBL NanoPrawn 60ml

Staple food for shrimp

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JBL NanoPrawn are staple pearls for shrimps in freshwater aquariums between 2 and 10 cm in size.

With JBL NanoPrawn all shrimps are well looked after. The nutritious and easily digestible proportion of nettle and spirulina algae ensures ideal nutritional conditions and optimal growth. The feed pearls are dimensionally stable and do not disintegrate in the water. The floating and sinking of the feed enables feed intake in all water zones.

In addition, they are very nutritious and easy to digest, which leads to fewer excretions, so the JBL NanoPrawn guarantees improved water quality. The fine-tuned phosphate content reduces water turbidity and thus inhibits algae growth.

Feeding recommendation:
Feed one or two times as much JBL NanoPrawn daily as the animals can eat in 5 minutes. Here less is more. However, the feed intervals can be increased both in rearing and in young animals.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
JBL NanoPrawn ensures optimal nutritional conditions for shrimp!

Brands (Manufacturers): JBL
Types of Fish : Shrimp and Crayfish

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