JBL NovoGranoColor

Staple food for ornamental fish

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JBL NovoGranoColor is a granulated staple food for medium and large tropical freshwater fish between 6 and 15 cm in size that are in different water zones.

With several grain sizes, sinking and floating of the feed is possible, whereby all aquarium inhabitants are fed equally. It is also ideal for use in automatic feeders. Various natural raw materials in JBL NovoGranoColor help to create more colour, a stable immune system and a defined appearance.

Thanks to the mouth-friendly granulate, the aquarium fish have optimal nutritional conditions, since all fish sizes are supplied at the same time.

JBL Novo feed types are easier to digest, which leads to fewer excretions, so the NovoGranoColor also guarantees improved water quality. The optimally adjusted phosphate content reduces water turbidity and inhibits algae growth. Thanks to the unique CLICK box, it can be fed hygienically without having to touch the feed itself.

This complete food for small ornamental fish is suitable for use four months after opening and when remained closed up to three years. The refill with 250ml is suitable for the JBL NovoGranoColor CLICK can. In addition, this staple food can be combined to round off the daily menu with culinary delights.

Feeding recommendation:
Feed JBL NovoGranoColor once or twice daily, as much as the fish can eat in 5 minutes. Here less is more. However, the feed intervals can be increased both in rearing and in juveniles.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
NovoGranoColor CLICK is an optimal colour feed for medium to large fish in all water areas!

Brands (Manufacturers): JBL
Types of Fish : Characiformes, Labyrinth Fish, Livebearing Ornamental Fish, Barbinae

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