JBL ProCristal Compact UV-C

Space-saving UV-C water clarifier

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The JBL ProCristal Compact UV-C is a UV-C water clarifier. It ensures crystal-clear water in freshwater aquariums and saltwater aquariums. The ProCristal Compact efficiently removes green or milky bacterial cloudiness. With its short length and practical inlet and outlet connections, this UV-C clarifier impresses with particularly space-saving accommodation options. For operation, the device is integrated into the circuit of the external filter. Irradiation with UV-C light kills germs in free water without harmful effects on useful filter bacteria and without influencing the water values in the aquarium. The risk of infection among aquarium residents is significantly reduced.

The JBL ProCristal Compact UV-C is, of course, TÜV-tested and has a safety switch so that the clarifier is automatically switched off when the product is opened. This stands out due to its construction consisting of two glass components through special security. The housing of the water clarifier is also UV-resistant.

In addition to the UV-C device, the contents of delivery include a cable with a length of 2 m, the UV-C clarifier, base: G23, a wall bracket with screws, hose connection sleeves for hoses. The guarantee is two years and can be extended to four years by registering the product.

Crystal-clear and vital aquarium water thanks to the JBL ProCristal
An imbalance in nutrients, excessive lighting or heavy water pollution can promote the growth of algae in an aquarium. This can cause cloudy water in the aquarium, for example, due to floating algae (green water) or milky-white cloudiness caused by a bacterial bloom. In these cases, a UV-C clarifier can quickly eliminate the problem. For this purpose, the water from the aquarium is passed through a UV-resistant housing in which there is a UV-C clarifier. By irradiation with UV-C light, germs, algae and bacteria flowing past are killed. The efficiency of the JBL water clarifier is particularly high because the glass bulb of the burner is covered by a polished stainless steel foil, which serves as a light reflector for UV-C radiation. This almost doubles the performance of the water clarifier. This can also have a positive effect on solid algae that already exist in the aquarium, such as thread algae, since the spores of these algae species are successfully destroyed.

No side effects
The use of a JBL UV-C clarifier has no negative effects or harmful side effects. The water values in the aquarium are not affected, and there are no negative effects on useful filter bacteria.

Easy installation
Install the UV-C clarifier in the hose section of the external filter or alternatively operate it with your own pump. Due to the 90 ° angle, any installation position can be realised.

The JBL ProCristal Compact is TÜV tested. There is also a separate safety switch that automatically switches off the clarifier when the device is opened. The housing is UV-resistant and has extremely stable walls. A built-in LED light indicates whether the UV-C clarifier is working or not.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
The JBL ProCristal Compact is a wonderfully space-saving solution for a UV-C clarifier.

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