T5 fluorescent tube with full spectrum daylight

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The JBL Solar Tropic T5 Ultra is a solar daylight fluorescent tube for fish and plants from sun-drenched waters, such as Lake Malawi or Lake Tanganyika.

The fluorescent tube with T5 socket is inserted into the socket and turned until the tube engages.

Nature as a model: In the light colour and the spectral distribution of light, the tube with 9000 Kelvin corresponds to the needs of plants and animals. This serves growth and full photosynthesis performance. Through perfect plant growth, algae growth is inhibited. The warm light with the colour rendering index 1 A, presents fish and plants in their natural beauty.

Technical details

  • Ideal colour temperature for aquatic plants: 9000 Kelvin is cold white light
  • Best colour rendering: Color rendering index 1A - very good
  • Best possible algae inhibition: full photosynthesis performance
  • Energy-saving and productive: energy efficiency class B
  • Scientifically tested by IFM Geomar: Continuous light spectrum of JBL fluorescent tubes - comparable to natural sunlight

The colour reproduction and full-spectrum is guaranteed for 24 months. Incl. Commemorative plaque to exchange.

Light as an energy source
Plants provide the aquarium with vital oxygen for the aquarium inhabitants. The plants prevent algae growth, remove pollutants, provide hiding places and reduce germs. The right full spectrum light is important to achieve the full power of photosynthesis. JBL full-spectrum tubes create natural light conditions and achieve a balanced image of natural lighting. Tested by the IFM-Geomar-Leibnitz-Institut für Meereswissenschaften and found to be very good: "comparable to sunlight". With energy efficiency class B, the tube is particularly energy-efficient.

The light spectrum in connection with the light intensity
To produce a very bright tube, only the yellow-green spectral range needs to be amplified. Add some red and blue as a balance, so that the light does not look too yellow. This is how it is done with most tubes. But we do not want to illuminate a living room, but an aquarium with living aquatic plants. However, these make other demands and want ALL spectral ranges of visible light (rainbow colour) to grow perfectly. Therefore, JBL has developed "full-spectrum tubes" that provide all spectral regions WITHOUT gaps but are somewhat less bright than other fluorescent tubes. The output of a tube is always 100%, the only question is which spectral ranges are covered!

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
Natural light conditions are created with the JBL Solar Full Spectrum Tubes!

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