Olibetta Gravel - Brazil Mix 5-8mm

Coloured gravel

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The Ollibetta aquarium gravel mixes are composed of different, carefully selected matching colours. The very coarse grain size of 5-8 mm either fits perfectly in monster aquariums or in combination with finer aquarium gravel as an eye-catcher and structural bringer. Our Olibetta gravel mix is water neutral and free of pollutants - we guarantee that. It is manufactured according to the DIN standard for toy safety (DIN EN 71, Part 3).

The edges of the gravel are rounded, which minimizes the risk of injury to your aquarium inhabitants, and the colourful grains are coated with a lasting, elastic synthetic resin. It ensures that no pollutants can be released and that the gravel is resistant to drugs and CO2.

The coarse-grained Olibetta coloured gravel mixture is not only very decorative, but it also has a very positive effect on the biological climate in the aquarium and on the water quality: The entire gravel acts like a giant biological filter. The gravel should be rinsed briefly with cold water before use to remove any transport-related abrasion.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

The large grains of our beautiful gravel mixes with 5-8 mm grain size are great for bringing structures and variety into the aquarium, and of course for a very large pool as the main base.

Our gravel is plastic coated and may therefore be washed out only briefly and coldly before use in order to remove transport-related abrasion. The gravel should not be rinsed hot or heated above aquarium temperature.

Grain Size : 5-8 mm
Brands (Manufacturers): Olibetta

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