Olibetta Wire Tree with Resin Base: 18-30cm

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The 18-30 cm high wire tree is equipped with a base made of synthetic resin, which ensures that the aquarium tree stays anchored below so you do not need to pre-flood the tree. The natural aquarium root used here stands out due to its intricate thin branches. It radiates a lot of lightness and brings a very natural touch to your aquascape or aquarium.

The wire tree looks great, of course, if you plant the treetop with moss or pick some very small-leaved bucephalandra like the mini-catherinae or small-leaved anubias (for example Anubias nana "bonsai"). When setting up the aquarium, you sink the resin base in the floor, so you do not see it, or you can mask it with some moss.

At first, it may happen that cotton-like deposits of bacteria form on the root in the aquarium. This is because there are still sugar residues in the wood, which are degraded by these bacteria. Once the sugars have been used, the bacteria disappear by themselves, you can just sit out the phenomenon. By the way, snails and shrimps are very fond of these thick biofilms, so the bacteria coverings are like a covered table for your invertebrates.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

These trees look amazing in a jungle landscape, but the wire tree also works great as a unique piece alone. The size of 18-30 cm makes it perfect for a nano pool or in combination with other trees.

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