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The sera aqua-test set is a water test box with 4 water tests to check the most important water values in fresh and saltwater as well as in the garden pond.

Determine water values
pH value, carbonate hardness (KH), ammonium and nitrite are among the most important water parameters. Extreme deviations from the target values can suddenly become an acute danger to life. Whenever the appearance or behaviour of the fish is conspicuous, or other peculiarities (eg sudden dying of aquatic plants) in the aquarium are noticeable, the basic water values should be checked first. For routine control, the easy-to-use test strips can be used. For more accurate results, we recommend the test of the sera aqua-test box in a sturdy plastic case.
Total hardness, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, iron, copper, chlorine, silicate and oxygen should be known to the experienced aquarist as averages in his aquarium. Checking these values every now and then is usually enough. If suspected (eg poisoning, algae problems, shortness of breath), these parameters should be examined more closely.

The sera aqua-test set in the practical storage box contains all the necessary materials for checking the water parameters in the aquarium.

The following values can be checked with the sera aqua-test set:

PH value
In order to stabilize the pH value, the carbonate hardness should always be at least 5 ° dKH, otherwise, there is a risk of acid levels plummeting! Please always measure the carbonate hardness (with the sera kH-test) and increase the carbonate hardness to at least 5 ° dKH (in the aquarium with sera KH / pH-plus), and also check just before you change the pH-value ,

GH Test
In the habitat of most fish, the soil is rather low in minerals. In many parts of the world, however, it is the other way round. Water is hardened by the minerals magnesium and calcium dissolved in the rain. With the sera GH test, the total hardness can be determined quickly and accurately.

KH test
The carbonate hardness (KH) stabilizes the pH. It catches fluctuations that are, for example, caused by the biodegradation processes in the aquarium and garden pond and the carbon dioxide consumption of the plants. A low carbonate hardness (below 5 ° dKH) is the cause of strong pH fluctuations (risk of acid levels falling!). KH values between 5 and 10 ° dKH stabilise the pH values in the aquarium. Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids require higher pH and KH values.

Nitrite Test
Nitrite is produced in the aquarium and garden pond as an intermediate degradation product of the fish excrement. Too much nitrite is dangerous. Nitrite is produced from ammonium and is broken down by the filter bacteria to nitrate. Therefore, in addition to the nitrite content, ammonium and nitrate levels should also be checked regularly.

Only those who know their water parameters can react in a timely manner and take countermeasures if they deviate significantly from the optimal value. The sera aqua-test set can be used to determine the important parameters for fresh and saltwater, such as pH, KH, GH and nitrite. For each test, there is a detailed instruction included.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

With the sera aqua-test set you always keep an eye on your water values - completely independently!

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