Sera Goldy Aquatan 50ml

Water Treatment

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Sera goldy aquatan is a water purifier for the production of fish-friendly water for goldfish and other cold water fish.

The new aquarium care system from Sera solves all problems in the aquarium with just one product per step:
- With an improved active ingredient formula
- simple and effective application
- scientifically tested
- for optimal and comprehensive basic care
- for the creation and permanent maintenance of species-appropriate water conditions
- for immediate help in case of difficulties

Sera goldy aquatan is a water conditioner for fish-friendly, mineral-rich water and immediately prepares it for the needs of goldfish and other cold water fish. With every water change it is possible that toxic pollutants such as chlorine or heavy metals get into the aquarium water. Even in our well-monitored drinking water, such substances are often contained in concentrations that are critical for fish and other aquarium inhabitants. Sera goldy aquatan instantly treats tap water into fish-safe and healthy water by eliminating pollutants such as chlorine and chloramines, binding heavy metals such as copper, zinc or lead and also protecting them from ammonia. At the same time, it adds important minerals to the water in bioavailable form, from which fish, invertebrates, plants and useful microorganisms benefit:

  • Calcium for a strong, well-proportioned skeleton and flawless scales
  • Magnesium for vigorous growth and muscles
  • Manganese for healthy growth and improved fertility
  • Iodine for balanced development and more resistance

In this way, Sera goldy aquatan guarantees optimal living conditions for all aquarium residents. Sera goldy aquatan provides fish-friendly water by removing toxic ammonia and chlorine, among other things. Even in low concentrations, these pollutants are harmful to fish and invertebrates and may even be fatal.

From these values it becomes dangerous:

NH4 / NH3 (ammonium / ammonia)
Fish: 0.9 mg / l
Invertebrates: 0.5 mg / l

Cl (chlorine)
Fish: 0.03 mg / l
Invertebrates: 0.14 mg / l

Sera goldy aquatan is able to completely remove or bind these pollutants within a very short time (max. 10 minutes) and thus protect the aquarium inhabitants from dangerous poisoning.

50 ml - 200 litres

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

With Sera goldy aquatan, you can prepare your water to suit your fish, so that your goldfish feel good and develop well!

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