Sera Phosvec-Clear

Water Treatment

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Sera phosvec-clear is a liquid water conditioner that removes phosphates and cloudiness in freshwater aquariums and is available in various containers.

The new aquarium care system from sera solves all problems in the aquarium with just one product per step:
- With an improved active ingredient formula
- simple and effective application
- scientifically tested
- for optimal and comprehensive basic care
- for the creation and permanent maintenance of species-appropriate water conditions
- for immediate help in case of difficulties

Sera phosvec-clear ensures a clear view. The water purifier removes mineral cloudiness and the main algae nutrient phosphate and restores permanent, clear and clean water.

Mineral and dead material (Detritus) can lead to disturbing cloudiness of the aquarium water. The latter can also increase the phosphate level in the aquarium and lead to undesirable algae growth.
Sera phosvec-clear immediately binds the turbidity and makes it detectable for the filter. At the same time, excess phosphate is removed, thus preventing excessive algae growth. For long-lasting crystal clear and clean water.

Do not use if the carbonate hardness is below 6 ° dKH due to the risk of an acid spike! ) Measure the KH value before use and increase if necessary with sera KH / pH-plus!)
5 ml sera phosvec-clear are added to 20 L water. Effective fine filtering removes the bound particles particularly quickly. Remove sunken flakes with the floor cleaner. Good ventilation should be ensured during use!

50 ml - 200 litres
100 ml - 400 litres
250 ml - 1,000 litres
500 ml - 2,000 litres
2,500 ml - 10,000 litres
5,000 ml - 20,000 litres

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

Sera phosvec-clear creates crystal clear water and takes the main food away from algae - for a beautifully looking aquarium!

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