Sera Phyto med Baktazid

Treatment for external bacterial infestation on the skin and gills on ornamental fish

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sera Phyto med Baktazid is a herbal medicinal product that contains highly effective thyme oil from Thymus vulgaris L., Thymus zygis L. as an active ingredient for the treatment of bacterial skin reddening caused by Aeromonas, Pseudomonas or Vibrio bacteria as well as fin and gill rot in ornamental fish in freshwater aquariums and garden ponds.

A reliable diagnosis of the external bacterial infestation can be made by a microscopic examination of swabs taken from the skin or gills.

sera Phyto med Baktazid is highly effective and well-tolerated by the treated fish as well as snails and invertebrates.

Active substance: thyme oil from Thymus vulgaris L., Thymus zygis L. 12 ml

Medication for animals. Keep locked away and out of the reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Store at room temperature and away from light. Do not use with other medicines. Please read the leaflet included in the package carefully!

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

sera Phyto med Baktazid is useful to treat skin reddening caused by bacteria in ornamental fish.

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