Sera Silicate Test (SiO3)

Water test

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The sera SiO3 test is a water test for checking the silicate content in the fresh and saltwater aquarium, as well as in garden ponds.

Determine water values
pH value, carbonate hardness (KH), ammonium and nitrite are among the most important water parameters. Extreme deviations from the target values can suddenly become an acute danger to life. Whenever the appearance or behaviour of the fish is conspicuous, or other peculiarities (eg sudden dying of aquatic plants) in the aquarium are noticeable, the basic water values should be checked first. For routine control, the easy-to-use test strips can be used. For more accurate results, we recommend the test of the sera aqua-test box in a sturdy plastic case. Total hardness, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, iron, copper, chlorine, silicate and oxygen should be known to the experienced aquarist as averages in his aquarium. Checking these values every now and then is usually enough. If suspected (eg poisoning, algae problems, shortness of breath) these parameters should be examined more closely.

Silicate promotes the growth of diatoms in marine and freshwater aquariums. The silicate content can be reliably determined with the sera silicate test.

Easy to use:
Shake reagents well before use!

  • Rinse the cuvette several times with the water to be tested, then fill to the 10 ml mark. Dry the cuvette from the outside.
  • Add 6 drops of reagent 1. Close cuvette with lid and shake. Wait for 5 minutes.
  • Open the cuvette and add 6 drops of reagent 2. Close the cuvette and shake. Wait a minute.
  • Open cuvette, add 6 drops of reagent 3. Close the cuvette again and shake briefly.
  • Wait 10 minutes for reaction time. Do not open the cuvette as it causes irritating gases.
  • Then compare colours: To do this, open the cuvette, place it on the scale and in daylight, without direct sunlight, look in from above. Do not breathe gases.
  • Cleaning: Clean cuvette and lid thoroughly with tap water before and after each test.

Close reagent bottles immediately after use, do not interchange caps. Store at room temperature (15 - 25 ° C) and protected from light.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
With the sera SiO3 test, you check your silicate content quickly and very precisely by means of a drop test!

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