Söll BaktoKlar

Liquid bacteria

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The BaktoKlar bacteria from Söll contains concentrated, living cleaning bacteria and acts against ammonia and nitrite, which damages ornamental fish. It is particularly recommended to use BaktoKlar from Söll when adding new fish. The transport water is often contaminated with harmful substances, which means stress for the animals. That is why it is recommended to use additional bacteria together with the new aquarium inhabitants. These help to break down any pollutants and create a fish-friendly habitat.

BaktoKlar also breaks down food, plant residues and mulch, thus ensuring clear water in which the fish feel completely at ease.


  • 1 bottle of BaktoKlar for 200 litres of water

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

Shake the single serving of BaktoKlar vigorously and pour it completely into the aquarium water.

Brands (Manufacturers): Söll

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