Anubias Pogostemon Helferi

Little water star

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The somewhat more demanding stem plant Pogostemon helferi, the star herb, comes from Southeast Asia. Its great looks more than make up for the effort. The 5 to approx. 10 cm high aquarium plant is perfect for the foreground to the middle of the aquarium and tolerates soft to medium-hard water.

The star herb Pogostemon helferi from Southeast Asia is a beautiful eye-catcher for the foreground to the middle ground. The elongated leaves with the wavy edge are coloured bright green and are star-shaped around the stem.

This beautiful aquarium plant needs additional fertilisation with CO2 and a good supply of plant nutrients as well as medium to strong light in order to grow well and compactly. Under a lot of light, the star herb remains very compact and short, in weaker light, it can happen that it hurries and then grows upwards very quickly. Like most stem plants, the star herb also tolerates regular pruning and then branches out nicely.

The shoots cut off during pruning can be planted very easily. For this, they are inserted into the aquarium gravel or soil using tweezers. There they quickly root out and grow.

The version in the cup was grown in vitro in the laboratory. For this purpose, the plants are propagated in cultures from cell tissue. They are sterile and do not bring blind passengers such as snails or planarians. Pesticides are also not used in this type of plant production, which is why the cup plants in the Olibetta online shop are safe even for shrimps and can be planted in the aquarium immediately without pre-watering.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:

The Thai name Daonoi means "Little Star" and pretty well describes the very special shape of Pogostemon helferi when you look at it from above.

Origin : Asia
Degree of Difficulty: Normal
Brands (Manufacturers): Anubias
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