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An aquarium with good lighting and lots of plants needs a lot of nutrients, and there may well be a shortage. Especially if the supply is not strong or is otherwise fed rather sparingly, the added nutrients are often not sufficient. With potassium, in particular, there can be defects because there is hardly any potassium in the tap water and in the fish feed. This macronutrient should, therefore, be replenished with a water plant fertiliser.

Potassium fertilisation is particularly useful in an aquarium with soil: Soil already contains a lot of nitrogen and phosphate, but hardly any potassium.

The liquid fertiliser Aqua Rebell Macro Special Potassium gives you the opportunity to specifically add the macronutrient potassium that is so important for the plants. This way your aquarium plants can grow healthy and abundant again. This liquid fertiliser is free of phosphate and also contains no nitrate. Aqua Rebell Macro Special Potassium acts as a single nutrient fertiliser, so you should, if necessary, supplement it with other Aqua Rebell aquarium plant fertilisers in order to be able to specifically meet the needs of your aquarium plants.

In fertilised aquariums and aquascapes, a weekly water change of 25% to 50% should always take place. Each aquarium reacts differently, so you may need to adjust the amount of fertiliser. If the potassium level is too high, the carbonate hardness in the aquarium may increase. If the potassium concentration increases (and thus the KH), this means that there is more potassium than the plants can consume - then you should reduce the amount of Aqua Rebell Makro Special K and check the dosage in the aquarium with a suitable water test.

Recommended dosage per 50 litres of aquarium water
Lots of light (> 0.5 watts per liter) + CO 2 1-2 ml a day
Little light (<0.5 watts per liter) + CO 2 1 ml a day
Without CO 2 supply 1-4 ml per week

1 ml of Macro Special Potassium in 50 litres of aquarium water adds 1.00 mg / l of potassium (K) to your aquarium water.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
Together with the liquid individual nutrient fertilisers Aqua Rebell Macro Special Phosphate and Aqua Rebell Macro Special N, you can use the aquarium plant fertiliser Aqua Rebell Macro Special K to regulate the supply of your aquatic plants in your aquarium with macronutrients in a targeted manner and as required. For a good supply of trace elements, I can highly recommend the fertiliser Aqua Rebell Micro Special Iron or Micro Special Flowgrow as a useful addition.

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