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In aquariums and especially in aquascapes with many fast-growing plants or in pools with demanding plants, with lots of light and a good CO2 supply, it can happen that the macronutrients nitrate, phosphate and potassium are heavily consumed. If there is a lack of nutrients, the plants become pale and no longer grow well. The liquid fertiliser Aqua Rebell Macro Special Light has been optimised for use together with an active soil and provides your aquatic plants with all the macronutrients they need for healthy, lush growth and bright colours.

Gaps in the nutrient supply directly benefit the algae, so you should make sure that your aquarium plants are well supplied with nutrients. Especially if there are few fish swimming in your aquarium or if you feed in small portions, the supply of macronutrients from the outside may not be enough. Aqua Rebell Makro Spezial Licht was developed especially for aquariums with fast-growing plants such as Glossostigma elatinoides. It contains the macronutrients in a composition that deliberately closes the nutrient gaps that arise when using soil in the aquarium.

Aqua Rebell Makro Special Light contains a good amount of phosphate and can be used as a phosphate fertiliser in aquariums with a neutral substrate.

Basically, you only give as much Aqua Rebell Macro Special Light as your aquarium plants actually need. Please, therefore, take the dosage recommendation as an approach, but adjust it if necessary to the actual needs of your aquarium and adjust it slightly up or down, depending on how your plants in the aquascape or plant aquarium need it.

In aquariums in which aquatic plant fertilisers are used, we recommend a water change of 25% to 50% per week. The fertiliser is designed in such a way that, when properly dosed, high concentrations of macronutrients cannot accumulate in the water. If you already have high nitrate or phosphate levels in your aquarium water, you should not use this fertiliser - in this case you will find more suitable solutions in the large range of Aqua Rebell, for example, the Aqua Rebell single component fertilisers, with which you can supplement individual missing nutrients can.

Aqua Rebell Macro Special Light should be supplemented with a full iron fertiliser with which you can supply your aquarium plants with trace elements. The Aqua Rebell Micro Basic Iron and the Aqua Rebell Micro Special Flowgrow are optimally matched to the liquid fertiliser.

Recommended dosage for every 40 litres of aquarium water
Lots of light (> 0.5 watts per liter) + CO 2 1 ml a day
Little light (<0.5 watts per liter) + CO 2 0.5-1 ml per day
Without CO 2 supply 1 ml per week

1 ml of Macro Special Light in 40 litres of aquarium water add to your aquarium water: mg/l
nitrate (NO3) 0,37
phosphate (PO4) 0,20
potassium (K) 0,22

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
With the liquid fertiliser for plant aquariums Aqua Rebell Macro Special Light you can supply your aquarium plants with the nutrients nitrate, phosphate, potassium and magnesium that are so important to them - these are all essential macronutrients that are needed in the aquarium for healthy, lush plant growth.

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