Aquarium Remedies

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  • Tetra Bactozym
    • Selected enzymes reduce water pollution and ensure crystal-clear water
    • Ensures quick bioactivity and simplifies the introduction of new aquarium water
    • Creates an optimal growth-promoting environment for degrading bacteria
  • JBL PlaCollect
    • Chemistry-free planaria trap
    • Catching flatworms in the aquarium
    • Suitable for fresh and sea water
  • TWINSTAR Aquacradle Bracket
    • Practical
    • Easy to assemble
    • For glass thicknesses up to 6mm
  • TWINSTAR Reactor Replacement Electrode

    Twinstar TWINSTAR Reactor Replacement Electrode

    for M5 / M3 / S5 / S3 / Shrimp50 / Shrimp30 - for Nano Plus / Yotta Plus
    • Easy handling
    • Suitable for Twinstar models
    • Easy exchange
  • Sera Phyto med Protazid
    • Active ingredient: highly effective quinine
    • For the treatment of white spot disease
    • Suitable for freshwater and marine fish
  • Sera Phyto med Baktazid
    • Suitable for freshwater aquariums and garden ponds
    • Highly effective
    • For treating skin reddening caused by bacteria
  • Sera Phyto med Mycozid
    • Herbal water conditioner
    • As accompanying therapy for injuries or bacterial infections
    • Suitable for ornamental fish in aquariums and ponds
  • TWINSTAR YOTTA Steriliser
    • Kills fish disease pathogens
    • 99% sterility
  • Sera Mycopur
    • Medicinal product for ornamental fish
    • For freshwater aquariums
    • Against fungus

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