Exo Terra Thermostat

Temperature regulation in terrariums

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Since reptiles are cold-blooded animals, they depend on the ambient temperature to warm their bodies. In their natural environment, they are able to regulate their need for warmth on their own without much effort. When they need warmth, they head to spots that are in direct sunlight or have been warmed by the sun (e.g. stones or branches). If they are too warm, they retreat to the shade. In a terrarium, on the other hand, these spots have to be provided for them - there is no natural way for them to seek out heat or shelter from heat and their body temperature must be regulated with the help of external sources.

Exo Terra's Thermostat is ideal for setting up heating systems. An electronic triac switch is used to maintain the selected temperature and prevent temperature fluctuations. There is therefore no risk of overheating in summer or hypothermia in winter. The warming device is equipped with an LED heat indicator. If this is lit up and red, the device is currently heating. Once the desired temperature has been reached the red light goes off. The device also has a recessed switch that prevents accidental temperature changes. The remote sensor is waterproof and can be used in damp terrariums without any problems. The thermostat is equipped with a 1.90 m long power cable.

Exo Terra Thermostat can be connected easily with Exo Terra Substrate Heater, Heat Cable and Ceramic Radiant Heater to create the optimal heat level in a terrarium.

Instructions for use:

Set the temperature according to the needs of your terrarium animals.

On the back of the thermostat there is a temperature switch for setting the desired temperature. Operate this by turning the switch with a flathead screwdriver or similar tool. When the red heat indicator turns on, the thermostat is supplying power to the connected heater. The red light stays on until the desired temperature is reached.Once the selected temperature has been reached, it switches off.


The thermostat must not be connected to devices with an output of more than 100 W, as there is a risk of overcharging. This would be considered improper use which is excluded from the guarantee!

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