Exo Terra - A Comfortable Home for Reptiles

Exo Terra is a leader in faithfully recreating realistic microhabitats for reptiles and amphibians. Species-appropriate care for their well-being is the top priority at Exo Terra. The focus is on creating terrariums that are the perfect habitat for the animals as well as providing hobbyists with a unique experience in their own homes. Their products have been developed after consulting with top herpetologists and breeders from around the world. Now you can practise your hobby safely at home with Exo Terra's expert-based products that rely on the careful observation of animals in their natural habitat.

Being passionate about reptiles themselves, the team at Exo Terra has set up several initiatives to improve the captive husbandry of reptiles and amphibians. They are also involved in various conservation projects that help save species threatened by extinction and preserve their natural habitats.

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