Fluval Marine 3.0 LED, 61-85 cm

LED lighting system with Bluetooth control for saltwater aquariums

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Size: 61-85 cm

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Features & Advantages

  • 24 hour lighting cycle
  • 7 wavebands for full spectrum
  • Individually controllable colours
  • Control via Fluvalsmart app or manually
  • Larger switch with touch sensor
  • Water resistance according to IP67
  • 3 habitat presets
  • Flexible positioning
  • Aluminium cover for perfect protection

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As the name already suggests, the "Marine" LED lighting system from Fluval is already in its third generation. To be on the safe side, it should be mentioned again that it is designed for saltwater aquariums.

So if you (above all) want to give your corals that certain something, you've come to the right place.

This 3.0 version impresses with a clever construction and improved construction - remarkably flat and incredibly powerful. A larger switch with a touch sensor enables easy control and a lighter, flatter aluminium frame has reduced the weight of the lighting unit by 50%. As a result, the CO2 footprint also shrinks, which is an important parameter at Fluval in order to make a contribution to environmental protection.

The eternal interplay of light and shadow also dominates life in a seawater aquarium. Whether plants, corals or fish - a day-night cycle corresponds to the natural rhythm of these living beings. How wonderful that the new Fluval LED lighting systems actually have no downsides in this regard ;-)

Let the facts speak. It only gets shady in the aquarium if you want it too. Namely, manually, via the "touch button" already mentioned, or remotely via Bluetooth and the Fluval Smart app (Android and iOS).

This is where the Fluval Marine LED models differ. Because the Marine 3.0 LED described here can also be controlled manually (while the Marine Nano LED can only be controlled with the mobile app, see here.)

So let's stick to the "Fluval Marine 3.0 LED", which is remarkably flat and incredibly powerful. It was designed for hobby aquarists who want to enjoy a beautiful seawater aquarium and ensures strong coral growth.

Developed and constructed in Germany, it emits brilliant 25,000 K light. The K stands for Kelvin and denotes the colour temperature of a light source, in contrast to lumens, for the brightness, and Lux, for the amount of light in a certain area (see also the PDF file below).

The Fluval Marine scores with a larger switch than the previous model, a power-enhancing IP67 waterproofness and a large light distribution. Which brings us back to the topic of (non-existent) shadows. Because every single LED lamp emits light over 120 ° for wide and uniform lighting - without "dead spots".

In addition, the greater penetration of the water:
Unlike other LEDs, the Fluval Marine LED lighting system can be safely mounted directly above the water surface and the light penetrates the water more intensively and efficiently.

Fluval Marine 3.0 LED specifications of the three sizes:

  • 61-85 cm, 168 LEDs, 32 watts, 1,350 lumens, 25,000 Kelvin
  • 91-122 cm, 252 LEDs, 46 watts, 1,950 lumens, 25,000 Kelvin
  • 118-153 cm, 336 LEDs, 59 watts, 2,550 lumens, 25,000 Kelvin

Here is an overview of the features and advantages:

  • Programmable, gradual 24-hour lighting cycle (sunrise, daylight, sunset and night)
  • 7 unique wavebands for a full spectrum
  • Individually controllable colours
  • Optional preset habitat light configurations (sunny reef, deep sea lights, colour explosion)
  • HLE (High Luminous Efficiency) LEDs offer better lighting and spectral quality - with the same energy consumption
  • The aluminium cover ensures effective heat transfer and better protection against the ingress of water and moisture.
  • The aluminium frame is 50% lighter and flatter than previous generations
  • Waterproofness protection according to IP67 - the lighting unit can be mounted directly above the water surface and the light penetrates the water more intensively and efficiently
  • The larger switch enables easy control
  • Wider coverage - each individual LED emits light above 120 ° for wide and uniform lighting without dead spots

Read our additional information or download the pdf of the Fluval lighting brochure. There you will find everything you ever wanted to know about light. What does light do in water? How does photosynthesis work? What is the difference between lumens, lux and kelvin? These and other questions are answered here.

Brands (Manufacturers): Fluval
By type: LED Light Rail
Facts about Fluval Marine LED Lighting Systems:
Power connection
Product videos:

Manufacturer video Fluval Marine 3.0 LED (EN)

Manufacturer video - Instructions for the FluvalSmart App (EN)

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