JBL Aradol Plus 250


This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Remedies for carp lice, anchor worms, gill crabs and woodlice
  • Against parasites in fresh and saltwater fish
  • Problematic water values favour diseases
  • JBL online hospital: access to the detection of fish diseases

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The JBL Aradol Plus 250 is a remedy for carp lice, anchor worms, gill crabs and woodlice in fresh and saltwater fish.

Lernaea, anchor worm, copepods, stick cancer
Although this approximately 20mm long parasite is called a "worm", it belongs to the crayfish class. It is more likely to be found in the pond, more rarely in the aquarium, here with imported wild catches or offspring from outdoor areas. The youth stages of this parasite can survive 5 days without a host. With JBL Aradol Plus (aquarium) and JBL ArguPond Plus (pond), control is simple, quick and safe. Infection with Lernaea crabs weakens the host fish and harbours the risk of a secondary fungal or bacterial infection. Therefore, animals should be observed after treatment to ensure that the wounds heal properly. It is often recommended to use tweezers to remove the parasite. This doesn't really make sense since the head is deep in the fish and part of the parasite remains in the flesh when torn off. This can lead to foreign protein poisoning.

Carp louse, Argulu
The carp louse Argulus is easy to spot on the infected fish. These are parasites up to a good centimetre in size with flattened round bodies. The carp louse belongs to the fish lice (Brachiura) with approx. 70 types of parasite. They burrow into the fish to suck blood. The puncture can lead to inflammation and infection. If the infestation is very strong, the fish can also lose weight. Carp lice are mainly found in the garden pond, less often on warm water fish in the aquarium, especially on imported wild catches or offspring from outdoor areas.

In order to fight the disease permanently, not only the right medicine is necessary, but also an improvement in the water values. The most important measure is regular water change. The use of a UV-C clarifier also helps to reduce the bacterial density in the aquarium and improve the living conditions of the fish. The most important water values that need to be checked and optimised if necessary are carbonate hardness (KH), pH (pH value), ammonium (NH4) / ammonia (NH3) and nitrite (NO2). In addition, regular and thorough cleaning of the filter is recommended.

Before and during use, activated carbon must be removed from the filter, UV-C water clarifier, CO2 fertilisation, and additional skimmers and ozonizers in seawater must be switched off. A 50% water change must be carried out before use. During treatment, the aquarium is to be ventilated with a vent stone using a diaphragm pump. JBL Aradol Plus 250 should always be added in the morning while observing the animals.

A detailed treatment plan is included with the product. The treatment takes about 22 days.

If necessary, the drug can be replenished. A 50% water change should be performed immediately after treatment. For fish from the East African Grabensee (Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria), component 2 of JBL Ektol bac Plus should only be half-dosed.

After the start of treatment, the fish should not be fed for 3 days and only reduced feeding from the 5th day. Biologically active filters that have been in place for some time can partially inactivate the drug. After the treatment, the aquarium water should be filtered over activated carbon for 24 hours to remove drug residues and be treated with bacterial preparations. The ammonium/ammonia and nitrite values should be measured daily during and after treatment. The active ingredient causes water colouring, which disappears after a short time.

Aradol Plus 250 is ineffective at water temperatures below 18 ° C, so it should only be used at temperatures above it. Use in invertebrates and lower animals is not recommended. Combating anchor worms only makes sense if there are one or two worms per fish. Badly infected fish should be properly killed. In the case of severe infestation, the part of the anchor worms killed by the medication deep in the skin would cause secondary poisoning of the fish, which is also fatal.

Our expert Oliver Knott recommends:
When the first signs of ectoparasites appear, immediate action is required to avoid further stressing the fish! JBL Aradol Plus 250 helps to remove them and contributes significantly to the recovery of sensitive animals!

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