Milwaukee MI412 PRO Phosphate Photometer

A measuring device for water quality analysis

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Milwaukee's MI412 PRO Phosphate Photometer is a robust and easy-to-use device for fast and reliable water quality analysis in aquariums, aquaculture as well as water treatment facilities. As it requires very little maintenance and is easy to use, it is suitable for aquarists, pool professionals, school teachers and farmers. The device is very light and easy to transport.

The photometer is equipped with a manual zero point calibration to ensure accurate measurements. It is user friendly, fast, easy to use and tough. Thanks to a fast microprocessor, the MI412 shows the test results quickly and reliably with an accuracy of ±0.07 mg/l at 1.00 mg/l PO4*!

* Range : 0.00 to 2.50 mg/L (PO4)

* Resolution : 0.01 mg/L (PO4)

How to Measure:

First, mix the reagent into the sample and gently shake it. Then place the cuvette in the measuring device and set it to zero. Finally, press "READ".

The result shows up quickly on a large, easy-to-read LCD display. If the device is not in use for more than 10 minutes, it will turn off automatically.

Special Features:

A built-in timer ensures that the chemical reaction takes place within the prescribed reaction time. After the timer expires, the device automatically records the reading, ensuring consistent readings over multiple uses.

A cuvette chamber ensures that the cuvette is always positioned in the same way and fits perfectly into the notch. As a result, the results are indexed in the same way every time and can be measured without deviations.

The device includes an error message display. This prevents errors in the test process for reliable readings. These include, for example, a missing cuvette cap, exceeding or falling below the measuring range, light source errors and zero calibration errors.

The device also has a practical zero point calibration. To perform this function, insert a test cuvette into the cuvette chamber. Index the cuvette and press the "ZERO" button.

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