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Sera med Professional Protazol is a medicinal product for the treatment of freshwater fish in the presence of unicellular skin parasites.

Good housing conditions are the best way to prevent fish diseases. Despite all efforts, diseases are not always completely avoidable. Regardless of whether the pathogens were introduced by replanting/replanting or other factors are responsible for the outbreak, fast and effective action is always the order of the day. The sera products in the "Cure Diseases" range accompany the therapy from the supportive preparation to the actual treatment with specialised, effective sera medicinal products, right up to the cleaning and biological reactivation of the water after successful treatment.
Fish are generally sensitive to stress, whether due to transport, other or new additions, but also to unfavourable environmental conditions in the aquarium. This often affects the fish's immune system so that their defences are no longer intact. General signs of an infestation with parasites are reluctance to feed and emaciation, as well as reduced movement, sticking of fins, darkening and rubbing on furnishings and the substrate. Small white spots on the body and fins are typical signs of the causative agent of white spot disease ( Ichthyophtirius multifilis ) - colloquially referred to as " Ichthyo ". Whitish and grey slime layers indicate that the fish are affected by the bean-shaped skin ( Ichthyobodo Costia ). A number of other parasites (e.g. the heart-shaped skin cloudy Chilodonella, Tetrahymena, Apiosoma, Episzylis and Trichodina ) particularly affect weakened fish. White, cotton-like deposits, particularly on injured areas of fish or on fish eggs, are typical of mushrooms ( Sprolegnia or Achlya ).

sera Protazol is not tolerated by cartilage fish like rays and sharks. Some loaches can be sensitive.

Shake well before use! 1 ml of Protazol is added to 20 litres of aquarium water and stirred in. A slight increase in temperature during and a week after treatment is recommended, provided that the fish can tolerate this. The water should be well ventilated during treatment. The treatment lasts 24 hours, after which a water change of at least 80% must be carried out. Ichthyo parasites that have already been killed can remain recognisable as diffuse whitish spots for a few days. In persistent cases, treatment can be repeated 4-5 days after the first treatment. Medicines should generally not be overdosed, as already weakened fish could be more sensitive.

UV-C devices and CO2 systems should be switched off during treatment. Activated carbon and other absorbent filter media should be removed. The non-toxic solvents contained in the drug are biodegraded by beneficial bacteria. This happens with oxygen consumption. Under certain conditions, clouding and lack of oxygen can occur. To remove the solvents, a water change must, therefore, be carried out at the end of the treatment. During the application, fish should not be fed or only very sparingly.

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With sera Protazol you can treat your fish quickly and effectively against white spot disease and other unicellular skin parasites!

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