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  • Tetra Aqua Safe

    Tetra Aqua Safe

    100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 5 l
    • Makes tap water suitable for fish by immediately neutralising harmful substances
    • Neutralises dangerous chlorine, chloramine, copper, zinc and lead
    • Protects fish's gills and mucous membranes
  • Tetra EasyCrystal Filter Pack 600
    • Replacement filter medium for Tetra EasyCrystal FilterBox 600
    • For 50-100 litres of aquarium volume
    • Serves for mechanical, chemical and biological processing
  • Tetra Complete Substrates 2.5kg
    • Ready-to-use soil concentrate an effective long-term fertiliser
    • For beautiful and healthy plant growth
    • Made of the high-quality sand mixture with natural content of iron and micronutrients
  • Tetra External Filter EX 400 - 1200 Plus
    • Creates crystal clear and fish-friendly water
    • Easy and convenient cleaning of the filter materials
    • Particularly powerful and quiet
  • Tetra Easy Balance

    Tetra Easy Balance

    250 ml, 500 ml
    • Reduces cleaning effort and keeps fish and plants in shape
    • Reduces the number of water changes and stabilises important water values for up to 6 months
    • Simplifies aquarium maintenance
  • Tetra LightWave LED Set
    • Easy switch to modern LED technology
    • Complete set including power supply and adapter
    • High number of lumens for natural daylight
  • Tetra PlantaMin

    Tetra PlantaMin

    250 ml, 500 ml
    • Special controlled release formula enables nutrient release over 4 weeks
    • Iron, potassium, manganese and other essential trace elements ensure healthy and splendid plant growth
    • Vigorous plant growth is the best algae prophylaxis
  • TetraMin Flake Food

    Tetra TetraMin Flake Food

    250 ml, 1 l, 10 l
    • Guaranteed clear water formula (Clean & Clear)
    • Contains high-quality fish oil with increased omega-3 content and vitamins
    • Best feed utilisation thanks to an optimised protein-fat ratio
  • Tetra AquaArt LED Lighting Unit
    • High-quality spare part
    • Easy handling
    • LED lighting with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Tetra Filterjet

    Tetra Filterjet

    400 - 900
    • Simple mounting
    • Easy cleaning
    • Quiet and powerful
  • Tetratec Floor Cleaner
    • Comfortable, easy-to-use floor cleaner
    • Quick start valve for sucking in the water
    • Fish guard prevents fish or gravel from being sucked in
  • Tetra Active filters

    Tetra Active filters

    100ml - 250ml
    • Adds highly active living bacteria and supports the permanent biological activity in the aquarium
    • Accelerates the breakdown of pollutants such as ammonia and nitrite
    • Improves the cleaning performance of the filter for clear water
  • Tetra Nitrate Minus
    • For permanent reduction of the nitrate content and for biocide-free algae control
    • Purely biological nitrate reduction and thus a long-term improvement in water quality
    • Algae growth is significantly restricted because algae is removed from the main source of food
  • Tetra Pleco Tablets

    Tetra Pleco Tablets

    120, 275 tablets
    • Vegetable staple food for all herbivorous bottom fish
    • Optimal, varied diet for bottom-eating and shy fish
    • Tablets sink quickly, can be placed well and dissolve slowly
  • Tetra Betta Larva Sticks
    • Special food for bettas and labyrinth fish
    • High digestibility - for less water pollution
    • Balanced nutrient-rich, high-grade protein feed
  • Tetra Digital Thermometer
    • Precise measurement of the water temperature in the aquarium
    • Easy-to-read digital display
    • With suction cups for attachment
  • Tetratec HT 100 Adjustable Heater
    • Powerful adjustable heater
    • Temperature adjustment knob in 0.5 ° C steps from 19-31 ° C
    • Fully submersible
  • Tetra Bactozym

    Tetra Bactozym

    10 Capsules
    • Selected enzymes reduce water pollution and ensure crystal-clear water
    • Ensures quick bioactivity and simplifies the introduction of new aquarium water
    • Creates an optimal growth-promoting environment for degrading bacteria
  • Tetratec Air Stone
    • Fine-pored air stone for optimum oxygenation
    • Fine-beaded and even outflow of air
    • Utilisation of full pump performance due to low-pressure resistance
  • Tetra FunTips Adhesive Food Tablets
    • Combines high-quality special flakes with nutritious natural food
    • Two-tone tablets for colouring and health
    • Easy attachment to aquarium glass or decorative objects
  • Tetra Rubin

    Tetra Rubin

    100 ml, 250 ml, 1 l
    • Flake food with natural colour enhancers for more intense colours
    • Brings the colours of the fish to full bloom through special raw materials
    • Colour-enhancing effects can already be seen after two weeks
  • EasyCrystal Filter Pack A250 / 300 with AlgoStop
    • Replacement filter medium for EasyCrystal internal filters
    • For 30 or 60 litre aquarium volume
    • Ideal filtering through mechanical and bioactive working methods
  • Tetra TabiMin Food Tablets

    Tetra TabiMin Food Tablets

    58, 120, 275, 2050 tablets
    • Guaranteed clear water formula (Clean & Clear)
    • Stabilised vitamin C promotes resistance
    • Fast falling tablets
  • Tetratec EasyCrystal Filter Pack C250 / 300 with Activated Charcoal
    • Replacement filter medium for EasyCrystal internal filters
    • For 40 litres of aquarium volume
    • Ideal filtering through chemical, mechanical and bioactive working methods

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