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You don't really need an introduction to Tetra. Almost everyone has heard of this renowned company, a leader in innovative research in the field of aquaristics since the 1950s. Tetra offers complete aquarium sets in various sizes and stylish matching base cabinets. The Starter Line series is particularly suitable for beginners. Tetra also offers the necessary aquarium technology in top-notch quality - air pumps, filters, heaters as well as accessories such as hoses, filter media and water tests. Their line of fish food is made with the best ingredients and enjoys high acceptance among fish. Also available are aquarium decorations and care products for healthy water, aquarium plants and fish.

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  • Tetra Aqua Safe
    4.9 (68)

    Tetra Aqua Safe, 500ml

    • Makes tap water suitable for fish by immediately neutralising harmful substances
    • Neutralises dangerous chlorine, chloramine, copper, zinc and lead
    • Protects fish's gills and mucous membranes
  • TetraMin Flake Food
    4.8 (45)

    Tetra TetraMin Flake Food, 1L

    • Guaranteed clear water formula (Clean & Clear)
    • Contains high-quality fish oil with increased omega-3 content and vitamins
    • Best feed utilisation thanks to an optimised protein-fat ratio
  • TetraMin Flake Food XL
    4.9 (13)

    Tetra TetraMin Flake Food XL, 1L

    • Guaranteed clear water formula (Clean & Clear)
    • Contains high-quality fish oil with increased omega-3 content and vitamins
    • Best feed utilisation thanks to an optimised protein-fat ratio
  • Tetra Aquarium Air Pump - Black
    4.9 (14)

    Tetra Aquarium Air Pump -​ Black, 150

    • Very smooth while running thanks to sound-absorbing chambers
    • Very quiet operation thanks to innovative pump design
    • Vibration-absorbing rubber feet
  • Tetra Active filters
    5.0 (11)

    Tetra Active filters, 250ml

    • Adds highly active living bacteria and supports the permanent biological activity in the aquarium
    • Accelerates the breakdown of pollutants such as ammonia and nitrite
    • Improves the cleaning performance of the filter for clear water
  • EasyCrystal Filter Pack 600C with Charcoal
    5.0 (20)

    Tetra EasyCrystal Filter Pack 600C with Charcoal, 3 Pcs

    • Replacement filter medium for Tetra EasyCrystal FilterBox 600
    • For 50-100 litres of aquarium volume
    • Serves for mechanical, chemical and biological processing
  • Tetra Pond Flakes
    5.0 (9)

    Tetra Pond Flakes, 10 L

    • Staple food for small and young fish in the garden pond
    • For a full and biologically balanced diet
    • Floatable flake mixture
  • Tetra Complete Substrates 2.5kg
    4.9 (19)

    Tetra Complete Substrates 2.5kg, 5 kg

    • Ready-to-use soil concentrate an effective long-term fertiliser
    • For beautiful and healthy plant growth
    • Made of the high-quality sand mixture with natural content of iron and micronutrients
  • Tetratec HT Adjustable Heater
    4.8 (12)

    Tetra Tetratec HT Adjustable Heater, 50 Watt

    • Powerful adjustable heater
    • Temperature adjustment knob in 0.5 ° C steps from 19-31 ° C
    • Fully submersible
  • Tetra FreshDelica BrineShrimps
    4.9 (13)

    Tetra FreshDelica BrineShrimps, 48g

    • Innovative natural food in nutrient-rich jelly for all ornamental fish
    • Usable three to weeks after opening without refrigeration
    • Clean, uncomplicated feeding thanks to practical storage on the cap
  • Tetra Pond Sticks
    5.0 (8)

    Tetra Pond Sticks, 50L

    • For a full and biologically balanced diet
    • Floatable sticks
    • Easy absorption and high digestibility
  • TetraPro Color
    5.0 (6)

    Tetra TetraPro Color, 500ml

    • Very high feed acceptance in all tropical ornamental fish in freshwater aquariums
    • With a colour concentrate for excellent natural colour expression
    • High nutrient content thanks to the low-temperature processing
  • Tetra PlantaMin
    4.5 (8)

    Tetra PlantaMin, 500ml

    • Special controlled release formula enables nutrient release over 4 weeks
    • Iron, potassium, manganese and other essential trace elements ensure healthy and splendid plant growth
    • Vigorous plant growth is the best algae prophylaxis
  • Tetra AquaArt Explorer LED 30L
    5.0 (3)

    Tetra AquaArt Explorer LED 30L, White

    • White
    • Black
    • Dimensions including cover / lighting 41 x 28 x 51 cm
    • Aquarium in an attractive "Half Moon" design thanks to the 180 ° curved front screen
    • High-quality aquarium with 5mm glass thickness
  • Tetra Pleco Tablets
    4.7 (11)

    Tetra Pleco Tablets, 275 tablets

    • Vegetable staple food for all herbivorous bottom fish
    • Optimal, varied diet for bottom-eating and shy fish
    • Tablets sink quickly, can be placed well and dissolve slowly
  • Tetra AlguMin
    4.3 (13)

    Tetra AlguMin, 500ml

    • Safe algae control in a mild, biological way
    • To be used for beginning algae problems
    • With humic substances as a natural anti-algae ingredient
  • Tetra pH / KH Plus
    5.0 (1)

    Tetra pH / KH Plus, 250 ml

    • Enables precise and controlled increases in carbonate hardness (KH)
    • Carbonate hardness and pH values are set precisely
    • To compensate for KH losses
  • Tetra Micro Granules
    5.0 (7)

    Tetra Micro Granules, 100 ml

    • For small ornamental fish
    • Slowly sinking granules
    • Balanced recipe
  • Tetra Hose Adapter EX
    5.0 (4)

    Tetra Hose Adapter EX, 400-​800

    • Suitable for the Tetra external filter EX Plus
    • Easy to replace
    • Bag contents: hose adapter with O-rings
  • Tetra Algezit
    4.8 (6)

    Tetra Algezit, 10 Pcs

    • Contains intensive active ingredients against strong algae growth
    • "Emergency brake" for very strong algae growth
    • No water discolouration
  • Tetra Guppy Color Mini Flakes
    5.0 (4)

    Tetra Guppy Color Mini Flakes, 250 ml

    • Balanced and full staple food for all guppies
    • High content of natural colour enhancers for improved colour splendour
    • With bio-active formula
  • Tetra ReptoClean
    5.0 (2)

    Tetra ReptoClean, 100ml

    • Contains highly active bacterial spores
    • Contents: 100ml
    • Extends cleaning intervals
  • Tetra Hose for air pump
    5.0 (14)

    Tetra Hose for air pump, 2,50 m

    • 2.5 m in length
    • Flexible silicone air hose for air stone
    • Diameter 4/6 mm (inside / outside)
  • Tetra Pond Crystal Water
    3.7 (3)

    Tetra Pond Crystal Water, 1000ml

    • Suitable for binding dirt particles in the garden pond
    • Works within a few hours
    • Not suitable for sturgeons

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